Roseau Minnesota Flood - Photos from June 11 - 13, 2002 -

roseau flood Roseau MN Minnesota flood roseau mn
Roseau Minnesota 
Rosemaling  Norwegian Rosemaling

June 11 - Afternoon
This photo was taken in front of the school (school is on the right) just minutes after the Roseau river dike broke.
The entire area was full of water within a half-hour.  A police car is at the end of the street blocking traffic from crossing the bridge.


David Olson lives across from the school. June 12 - Morning


Downtown Roseau.  June 12 - Morning


Downtown Roseau.  June 12 - Morning


Home sweet home.  
June 12 - Morning


June 13 - Morning
Home sweet home.  If you compare the steps to the first photo, you can see the water has receded a few inches.
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